What can a magician do for your trade show

Looking for trade show entertainment to liven up your next corporate event or trade show? Why not hire a magician? There’s nothing many of us enjoy more than watching a magician perform feats of magic that provoke gasps of delight.

Magic acts and sleights of hand not only entertain, but also draw crowds. What better way to attract them to your booth or event? Let’s be honest. Seminars, trade shows, and corporate events can grow stagnant in an alarmingly short period of time. Attendees get antsy. Some grow bored with the constant speeches and displays.

Performing magic serves as more than an ice breaker. It’s a boredom-breaker. Large and small venues are always conducive to my magic shows – big crowd, little crowd, it doesn’t matter. Besides, when was the last time you were truly entertained at a trade show?  

What a magician can do for your trade show?

What can a magician do for your trade show or event? There are so many different kinds of magic that can be catered to different audiences. Your goal at a trade show is to highlight or promote your product or service. That’s where a magician comes in. Nothing attracts a crowd like magic. 

Look for a magician who can cater their magic to target your intended audience, whether that means strolling through the crowd and performing card tricks or setting up shop next to your booth. Whether it’s sleight-of-hand card magic or good old-fashioned ring or rope tricks with a dash of humor added for good measure, you can count on entertainment.

When was the last time you saw a magic show? Most of us might say, ‘Not since I was a kid and a magician was at my birthday party’. Magicians don’t only perform for kids or in Las Vegas. Hiring a magician for your trade show opens communication, entertains, and attracts guests to your booth, but can also educate those guests about your services or products. What better way to attract potential clients or customers to your booth than the positive word-of-mouth that sweeps through the venue when ‘there’s a magician over there’ is bantered about? A crowd means more attention, more leads and more business, which encourages more sales.

Choose a magician who will take the time to get to know you, your business, and your services. That way, they can incorporate your message into their show, providing not only entertainment and fun within the venue, but also spreading the word about your business.

When a magician performs at your booth, you’ll be able to quickly see which guests are interested in your services or products and which or not – saving you time in approaching the people that you know are truly interested. 

The best thing about hiring a magician for your trade show appearance is the fact that no one will soon forget the magic – and the laughter. A magician doesn’t need a huge stage on which to perform. You don’t need a large area or booth for a magician to do… well, magic! 

Get your company and your product or service noticed and hire a trade show magician.  

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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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