What is Close-Up Magic?

Are you searching online for entertainment for a family celebration or event, a corporate event, or a seminar? Why not just type in ‘magician’ into your search bar? That’s just the beginning of your journey toward finding and hiring the ultimate in entertainment for your event. You’ll find magicians perform many different types of magic: close-up magic (also known as strolling or walk around magic), comedy stage magic, illusions, and mentalism. The list goes on.

A particular type of magic that’s grown quite popular for large gatherings is close-up magic. What exactly is that? What does a close-up or strolling magician do to entertain your crowd?

Strolling magicians provide endless options for entertainment

Strolling magicians have a number of delightful tricks up their sleeves. They perform magic up close and personal with your guests by strolling through the crowd or going from table to table, performing magic right under their noses. This type of magic is commonly known as “walk
around magic”.

A skilled magician performing close-up magic executes sleight-of-hand with cards, coins and other small objects. Often times a magician will borrow objects from guests in the crowd and perform magic with them. A strolling magician often borrows personal objects such as a watch, a ring, or a lighter, from a guest to keep things interesting and make the magic seem even more impossible. a strolling magician can provide a personal connection for the guests at your event, allowing them to easily break the ice with one another and begin to have fun.

The wonders of close-up magic are endless and cater to any size crowd. This type of magic is ideal for wedding receptions, banquets, corporate cocktail parties, and trade shows. Hire a magician for seminars and corporate events to provide welcome breaks to help guests relax and let them know it’s ok to have fun.

When you hire a strolling magician to perform close-up magic at your event, you’re giving your guests their very own private magic show and memorable moments that guarantee your event will be talked about for weeks to come.

The benefit of close up magic is that it goes beyond simple entertainment. There is no barrier between the performer and guests. This allows for a more personal experience that guests are more likely to remember and talk about.

Why walk around magic for your next event?

When the magician you hire performs walk around magic, he will move throughout the crowd, from table to table. Soon, word will begin to spread around the room about the magician performing incredible feats, and many tables will request for the performer to stop by. Close-up magic is typically fast-paced and feels impromptu and off-the-cuff.

Close-up magic utilizes the down-time in your event to its fullest potential. From impossible feats of sleight-of-hand to card tricks, rope magic and impossible productions, close up magic uses a wide variety of tools and skill sets to entertain your crowd. Corporate events, seminars, annual celebrations, awards banquets, and trade shows can all benefit greatly from the increased engagement and interaction.

An experienced and skilled magician recognizes the need to keep guests entertained throughout the event. We’ve all been to events where guests just seem to be standing around looking at their phones. For seminars or conferences, guests often need to give their brains a break for a few
minutes. Often times, guests at these events want to be attentive and learn, but information overload can set in if they are not given a breather. Breaks with a little close up magic could be the perfect solution to reset their minds to be curious and attentive.

Magic is an effective and interactive way to bring fun and laughter to your next event. The next time you’re looking for a fresh idea to entertain at your celebration or event, consider a walk around magic performer.

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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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