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stage magician Amory Hermetz

Do you have a group that needs some entertainment? Whether it’s a business meeting, a seminar, or an annual conference, a stage magician might just be the trick to break the monotony.

You have many options regarding magic at your event. For example:

  • Strolling magic where the magician moves through a crowd, performing incredible feats of magic right under your guests’ noses.
  • A comedy magician incorporates equal amounts of comedy and magic into his or her act on stage.
  • Trade show magician, where the magician is stationed at your booth to attract attention and break the ice with potential customers.
  • Stage magic is a more formal type of magic where the magician performs a set or full show from stage. An experienced stage magician will be able to time his act or show to fit your needs. Sometimes 15-20 minutes is plenty to add a little variety to the event’s schedule. Other times a 30-40 minute show is best to give the crowd a full experience of unbelievable magic.
  • Close-up magic shows are great for smaller crowds of 50 or less. The crowd gathers together around a table and experiences a magic show close up. No stage is needed, and everyone is able to see the magic from just a few feet away.

For larger groups, seminars, or events, a stage magician is often a great choice because he or she is able to entertain the entire crowd at once.

Choosing a stage magician to entertain your group

Once you’ve decided on a stage magician to entertain your group, it’s time to start your search. Of course, your favorite browser search bar is a good place to start. So too is local advertising or word of mouth. Depending on the locality, scheduling, and crowd size, you may want to start your search early so you ensure the magician books you well in advance. Certain months can fill up quite quickly for a magician.

Because of growing popularity in the media, stage magicians (as well as other magicians) are in ever-growing demand to provide entertainment for large events. A magician can easily schedule events months in advance. Magician’s acts have gained popularity especially in corporate environments. They are effective in engaging audiences and delighting the crowds who attend seminars or training meetings.

Stage magicians often specialize in entertaining at certain types of events or for certain age groups. Look for a magician who is experienced at performing for the type of event you are having. A corporate entertainer may not be the best fit for your kid’s birthday party, and vice versa. Look for promo material that shows them performing in environments similar to yours.

How does a stage magician excite your audience? With mind blowing magic that provides a boost of energy your seminar is lacking, giving your guests something unexpected and fun to peak their interest.

Your audience will appreciate your consideration and leave the event with smiles, fun memories, and a hope that all the events they attend could be so entertaining.

A stage magic show can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the event’s needs and the magician’s preferences. Generally, 30-40 minutes full of non-stop magic on stage is a perfect fit for most events. Most stage magicians ask members of the audience to participate on stage at different points in the show. This helps the magician build rapport and connect with the audience.

The next time you have an event, you might just want to astound your audience with incredible feats of magic performed by a stage magician.

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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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