Your trade show appearance is coming up soon.  Your team is fully prepared and ready to knock this one out of the park.  My goal is to help you set your team up for success by making your booth stand out from the crowd.  Get your booth noticed, draw crowds, and form real connections with qualified leads.

Magic is quick, visual, and interactive.  It is a highly effective way to attract potential customers to your booth.  Throughout the day at your booth, I am constantly doing quick tricks and giving away souvenirs with your company’s name and contact info on them.  This breaks the ice with potential customers and allows me to introduce your company to people in a way that is fun and memorable. After a few quick tricks, I will introduce your sales team and begin to attract more people into the booth.  Rinse and repeat.

When a larger crowd forms, I will go into several routines that are tailored to inform the crowd more deeply about your product or service.  These routines are visual, interactive, and amazing. They keep the crowd’s attention and allow me to pitch your product without “pitching” your product.  After a few routines, I send qualified leads over to the sales team.

When I work with a company, we are a team, and our goal is to form strong connections with potential customers we can serve.  We create a vibe that is positive, personable, and fun. The tricks I do are a means to helping your company connect with your ideal customer.

My goal main goal when working with you is to make your booth THE BOOTH that people are talking about.  The tricks I do are not simple, cute tricks. These tricks are designed to form a massive crater in people’s minds.  I will go to any lengths to make sure people are blown away and that the word spreads about your booth across the event.  

trade show magician
trade show magician