Strolling/mingling magic is perfect for the reception or cocktail hour of your event.  Any time you want your guests interacting with one another and enjoying each other’s company.  Often times, breaking the ice for your guests can be tough. The event starts, and many people are timid to approach others who they don’t know and start a conversation.  Strolling magic serves as the perfect ice breaker and gives your guests something seriously amazing to talk about. This is as close to real magic as you’re going to get. It’s magic that happens right under their noses, using playing cards and borrowed objects like rings or money.

Imagine a mystery guest strolling through the crowd, from group to group.  You hear bursts of laughter and gasps of astonishment from around the room.  Rumor spreads about the incredible magician, and soon, all the guests are talking about it.  Groups of people are brought together, and they begin laughing and having a great time with each other.  These people may have never spoken otherwise. Magic has the ability to connect people and make them relax in a social setting.  Often times, guests are unsure whether it’s appropriate to relax and have fun, so they keep to themselves. Close up magic initiates the excitement and laughter, so all they have to think about is having a great time.

Strolling magic can also be very useful in a banquet setting.  When guests are seated and waiting for dinner to be served, magic performed table-side will take their minds off of their urge to gnaw the table cloth.  Tables often get served at different times and finish eating at different times. Strolling magic can serve as a buffer so that tables that are waiting are always being entertained.  During the down-time in an event, guests would normally be looking down at their phones. They are now laughing and having fun with one another.

If you are struggling to decide on strolling magic or a stage show, a combination of both may be the best option.  An hour of strolling magic before dinner and an after-dinner stage show is something I do quite often!

mingling magic
man laughing after strolling magic trick