Having Multiple Strolling Magicians at your event is a great way to entertain a larger crowd

during a cocktail hour, reception, or conference social event. This involves several magicians strolling through the crowd, approaching groups and performing fast-paced, visual magic for the guests. As soon as each magician finishes performing for one group, he or she immediately heads to another group to entertain them.

Why would you need more than one magician at your event? One experienced strolling performer can effectively entertain around 100 guests in 1 hour (200 guests in 2hrs, 300 in 3hrs, etc). If your event is having more guests in a smaller time window, Multiple Strolling Magicians can be a very effective way to leave a major impact on your guests.

For example, if your event is having 500 guests over the course of 2hrs, having 2-3 magicians working the crowd can ensure that nearly everyone is entertained with magic. Magic has the ability to break the ice and bring people together in a way they won’t forget. This can make a large event feel more intimate, and it can help guests who may not be as comfortable feel connected.

Another option for multiple magicians is to have multiple performing stations set up at different areas of the venue. This provides a different feel than strolling magic. Instead of the magicians actively approaching groups, they are set up at their stations and entertain guests as they walk by. Guests can come and go as they please. As crowds build, the magicians will perform a mini-show for guests before allowing them to move on and building another crowd.

If you are interested in booking multiple magicians for your event, contact us below.  Amory has a network of the best magicians in the country, and only books performers who are professional, versatile, and experienced at entertaining crowds just like YOURS!

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Multiple Magicians