Stage magic shows are best suited to venues with a stage and 100 or more guests. The best time for a show is often right after dinner to close off the evening with some incredible magic and a ton of laughs. My show is always very visual and interactive. Each trick involves the audience in a different way, whether I’m inviting an audience member on stage... or going into the audience myself to ask a question or borrow an object from someone. The important point is that I am always interacting with the crowd. This is not an “illusion show” where I am always on stage, and the crowd is watching from a distance the whole time. The show is less about me and more about the about the audience having a fun together and experiencing some incredible magic.

Typically, my show lasts 40 minutes from start to finish, but I am flexible on time.  The show is packed with magic. I am not one to stand on stage and tell long, rambling stories to fill time. I pack as much magic and interaction as I can into our short time together. You are not paying to hear me talk. You are paying to see some mind blowing magic! My show is always lighthearted. No one will ever feel insulted or made fun of, and we will always have a heck of a good time!

If your event has a reception or cocktail hour, I will always recommend adding strolling magic during that time. This gives me the opportunity to meet the guests personally, get to know them, and show them some incredible magic before the show ever starts. This way, the crowd is already warm and ready to have some fun when the show starts. They know me, and I know plenty of names and faces from the crowd to pick on during the show. This is a recipe for a lot of fun, unique moments during the show.

A goal of mine is to always avoid the “Look at me. Aren’t I great!” mentality on stage. I want the show to be about the audience participating and making the magic happen. Their choices seem to affect the way every trick plays out…

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