Think Magic for your next Seminar

When you hear the word “seminar”, you may think speakers, discussions, and hours-long training sessions.  Often times, a little texture is necessary to keep things interesting for your attendees. There are many entertainment options out there.  One you may consider is a magician speaker. A magician speaker might take the theme of your seminar and incorporate it into the show, highlighting important points in an interesting and engaging way.  Either that or the magician may have a program dedicated to events and audiences like yours.

The more you focus on keeping your attendees engaged and curious, the more they will appreciate and remember their experience.

Consider a magician speaker for your next seminar

It doesn’t necessarily matter what your seminar is about, whether it’s training in first-aid or new groundbreaking techniques for your company. Whether it’s a crowd of 20 or 2000, having a unique and entertaining speaker to break the monotony and add some texture to the program can have a huge impact on your attendees. 

The overall purpose of the seminar is to share information, guidelines, procedures, or otherwise offer something of personal and educational value. If you own a company or a business, a seminar provides the ideal environment where group learning and participation is encouraged. The appearance of a unique guest speaker, such as a magician, during your seminar can add an element of surprise, but can also be used to emphasize your message in a memorable  way.

No matter your objectives or goals, keeping your audience intrigued, interested, and engaged is vital. Encourage interaction and participation. Magic is a great way to harness that interaction in your group. Magic has a way of bringing people together, putting everyone on even ground, and connecting a group through an incredible shared experience. Whether your choice is for a magician specializing in close-up magic or stage magic (or both), you can guarantee that your audience is going to remember this seminar for some time to come.

You might be surprised to find a wide range of magicians and magician acts in your area. Get online and explore their websites. Some magicians specialize in certain types of events.  One magician may perform mostly at corporate events, while another may do mostly birthday parties. Finding a magician who fits in with your program is essential.  

Whatever feats of prestidigitation your chosen magician performs, you can ensure that booking magic for your next seminar will be a unique and memorable experience for your guests. This won’t be just another “day at work.”

Choosing a magician for your seminar is easier if you know in advance a few things to look for.

Selecting a magician for your seminar

When looking for a magician to hire for your next seminar, you want to have a few questions ready in advance. Some of these questions can be answered simply by exploring the magician’s website content, while others will have to be asked over the phone or in person. A few include considerations such as:

  • Availability
  • Type of magic (stage, illusion, close-up, strolling) – don’t forget to look for the types of audiences they specialize in performing for.
  • Experience (has the magician performed in front of corporate or teaching venues such as student seminars, training seminars, or corporate seminars)
  • Length of show

Before speaking to a magician, you may want to look at videos on a magician’s website to gauge personality, audience reaction, and the ability of the magician to engage their audience.

The key to a successful seminar is to have your audience retain the training, discussion, or education that was intended. Giving your audience a break to enjoy a unique and interactive program can do wonders for resetting their minds.  A magic show or keynote presentation with an experienced magician can make a dynamic impression on your audience, increasing attention, focus, and participation.Take your next seminar to the another level by booking a magician speaker. The magician will incorporate all the elements of a magic show into his/her program in a way that emphasizes your seminar’s main message. What better way to add texture, personality, and excitement to your upcoming seminar!

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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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