Live Virtual Entertainment for Your Company Zoom Meeting

Strange times…

Times are strange. Many of us are stuck at home, lacking social interaction, and wishing things would go back to normal. Live, in-person events and venues have been cancelled/closed across the board.

Companies often rely on live events to keep employees and business partners refreshed and to let them know they are appreciated. Other events such as conferences allow industry professionals to connect with one another in the hopes of gaining business opportunities or promoting their brand.

A major component of these events is entertainment. Entertainment gives guests the chance to wind down, relax, and connect with those around them. This can be as simple as a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Or it could be a banquet with a band and a live after-dinner show (comedian, magician, juggler, etc.) on stage. Since we can’t currently do these things in person, a new word of live virtual entertainment has emerged.

Why Virtual Entertainment?

Live video chat programs like Zoom offer a great platform for keeping touch with employees, coworkers, and business partners. We tend to think these online meetings have to be “all business,” but they don’t. In fact, hiring a live performer to close out the meeting with an interactive show could lift the mood… from “standard protocol” …to excitement, interaction, laughter, and social connection!

Many different types of performers work very well on a video call. A major factor is interaction. Magic, in particular, is a highly interactive art form. It allows guests on the chat to participate, make choices, and interact with one another. The visual nature of magic also lends itself very well to this medium.

Hard times deserve some fun!

Rather than allowing current circumstances to overwhelm and divide you and your employees/business partners, consider giving them a special shared experience. I guarantee it will be a welcomed change and an unforgettable, positive note in these uncertain times.




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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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