Plan A Magical Company Retreat

What are you doing for your next company retreat? Retreats are great for relieving stress and promoting camaraderie among your team. Add in some fun activities, good food and drink, and some relaxation time.  Hey, that sounds like a recipe for success! Have you thought about hiring a magician?

When it comes to your next company retreat, think of ways to get their minds off of work issues.  The goal is to reset your team’s minds, leaving them refreshed and ready to get back to work. Give them an experience they will never forget and that brings your team closer together. Of course, there are many options, but a magician could be a perfect solution that you may not have considered.  Hiring a magician is an excellent way to boost morale, encourage teamwork, and forge strong bonds among employees.

A well-planned company retreat has the potential to transform attitudes, improve company processes, and boost product development collaboration. Including the right entertainment as a part of your company retreat can give employees and management staff a shared experience that will create bonds and a team attitude.

Enliven your company retreat with a magician

Of course, during a company retreat, it is important to get work done through seminars or training sessions, but it is also important to be creative in planning these sessions so that they are different and fun.  An interactive guest speaker or magician could be a perfect solution. Many experienced magicians have the ability to incorporate the theme or goals of the event subtly into their act.

How does it work? When looking for a magician for your next company retreat, ask yourself some questions. For example:

  • Would you want the magician to perform during the downtime between talks or team building sessions?  Or would you want the magician to perform an act as an opener or intermission?
  • Would you want the magician to incorporate the goal or theme of the event into his or her act? 
  • Do you want close-up magic, a stage show, or even an illusionist?  Each of these can offer a very different experience for your employees.

Because the ultimate goal of a company retreat is to be inclusive and boost team morale, audience participation is very important. Magic has a way of putting everyone on the same playing level. That means that management and employees alike experience and share the same experience of incredible magic happening right before their eyes.

The key is to plan a company retreat that’s interesting, memorable, and unique. Hire a magician who is able to meet your needs and work with the schedule of your event. You also want someone who fits the vibe and energy of your event.

Make your company retreat a success

The magician you hire may be experienced in both close-up and stage magic, so it is always beneficial to speak with the magician on the phone to find the option that would best fit your event. Combining the two is also an option.

One of the primary goals of a company retreat is to encourage people to work together. Team-building exercises are essential, but it’s also important to create a relaxed and energetic environment. Such environments encourage teamwork and unity.

A successful retreat provides huge value for employees and management staff.  It inspires them and their work, and it encourages them to collaborate with those around them.  A shared experience of incredible magic could be a perfect touch to spark connections and initiate collaboration.

When contacting a magician for your retreat, let him or her know what your goals are. Is it merely to provide your company staff a good time? Improving financials? Structured team building? Discussing your reasons for a company retreat allows the magician to cater his or her act to your audience.

When it comes to entertainment for your next company retreat, don’t fall back on the usual. Be creative and give your company something truly worth talking about!

magician at a company retreat



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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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