How to Magically Promote Your Upcoming Event to Attendees

Event promotion takes place on many different levels, and it is by no means simple or easy. There are a few factors that are always essential: food, drink, venue and entertainment.  The more appealing these factors are, the higher your attendance will likely be. From client appreciation events to corporate celebrations, a bit of entertainment can go a long way to excite potential guests to attend.

When considering entertainment ideas for corporate events, there are countless options to research. One major concern may be spending a large piece of the budget on something that you’re not sure your guests will be interested in.  One way to combat this is to hire an entertainer who actively works with the crowd in a personal way to get them involved, relaxed, and having fun. Hey, a magician might just fit the bill! Of course, you want to look for a performer who fits the vibe and energy of your event.  If you find one, you might want to seriously consider that option, as magic provides an interactive form of entertainment that gets your guests talking and lets them know it’s ok to have some fun.

Entertainment ideas for corporate events

When planning and promoting any event, the goal is to provide some sort of benefit or value to the audience, be it friends and family, customers, company employees, or specific clients.  You want them to enjoy themselves and be comfortable in the event setting. You want something that your guests can share and use to connect with each other.

One of the best entertainment ideas for large events with a cocktail hour is strolling magic.  Strolling magic is a fantastic way to break the ice at the start of an event and get guests socializing with one another. Magic has the ability to initiate curiosity and intrigue. How did he do that? That’s amazing! Did you see that? This spreads among the crowd until everyone is talking about the amazing feats of magic that are happening around them.  Magic promotes truly unique, memorable moments among guests.

Regardless of the reason for your corporate event, hiring a professional magician can show your guests that you are serious about planning an event they enjoy and appreciate. Imagine bursts of laughter and gasps of astonishment coming from around the room as guests express their enjoyment at your event.   

If you’ve been charged with planning and promoting your next corporate event, think about how you can entice potential guests with entertainment that will get them involved during the event. There are many options other than magic, but I’m a magician, so that’s what I’ll talk about!  I only mentioned strolling magic above, but depending on the event, a stage magician could also be a great option, either as a kickstarter or interlude at an event like a conference… or as a grand finale to close out a banquet-type event.  

Magic encourages people to come together and observe. A magic act rivets the attention of your group and initiates conversation and discussions about the incredible sleight of hand, those disappearing dice, or that unbelievable card trick.. You can guarantee that your guests will be talking about the entertainment for days.

Reward your guests

Corporate and social events don’t have to be oh-so-serious all the time. Break up the monotony. Give the crowd something they weren’t expecting. Show your appreciation to them by providing entertainment that evokes delight and laughter, leaving your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Remember that the entertainment you provide at any corporate or social event can either influence the positive or negative reactions of your guests. The right kind of entertainment will not only have them talking about it long after it’s over, but you’ll win their positive impressions of you, your company, or your management style.When it comes to entertainment ideas for your next event, focus on immersive types of entertainment. A magic could be the perfect solution to keep your audience entertained. The next time you’re contemplating entertainment ideas for corporate events, give magic a shot!

entertainment ideas for corporate events



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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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