Entertainment Ideas for any Gathering

Have you been tapped to provide entertainment for a corporate event? It might be a training meeting, the annual Christmas party, or the yearly budget meeting, but whatever it is, you need some entertainment to keep your group alert, engaged, and present. Give them a break with a bit of corporate magic that will perk them up, give them something other than business to talk about, and best of all, leave a good impression!

Meetings and other corporate events don’t have to be boring. A little imagination goes a long way. So take your ideas to the next level with a corporate magician. What can such a magician do for your event?

  • Energize your guests
  • Break the monotony of hours’ long discussions
  • Prompt interaction between attendees
  • Stimulate their imagination
  • Motivate your audience

There’s really no limit to what a corporate magician can do to give your guests a break and leave them relaxed and smiling by the time the show’s over.

Corporate magic is live therapy!

Corporate magic offers relief from stress, anxiety, and boredom. For many attendees at a large business meeting or event, it’s not easy to sit through hours of speeches, presentations, and analytics. Break up the intense ‘information overload’ with magic.

The types of magic a corporate magician can perform are only limited by the imagination. A talented and experienced magician is able to cater any magic show to the audience and venue. He or she can also accommodate the magic show around a business brand or around the management team (such as incorporating them into the magic show) – in a fun, interactive way.

A corporate magician may be able to offer numerous types of magic acts for your event. Just a few entertainment ideas for a magic show at your next event include:

  • Strolling Close-Up Magic is one option where the magician strolls through the crowd and performs magic close up and personal for your guests. Imagine bursts of laughter and applause coming from around the room as guests mingle among themselves.
  • Stage Magic is best performed for larger crowds in venues with a stage and sound system.  Although the performance takes place on stage, it is still very interactive and involves members of the audience joining the magician on stage at different points in the show.  Of course, the amount of interaction and the types of tricks performed will depend on the performer you book. Ask for footage or a promo reel to see whether the magician will be a good fit for your event.
  • Close Up Magic Shows are great for smaller, more intimate crowds without a stage.  It is a more personal and intimate experience for the crowd.
  • Stage Illusions are ever popular as well. Although they are often associated with Las Vegas, there are many traveling acts that perform across the country and world.

A corporate magic show can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the performer and your needs.  I find 30-40 minutes is often perfect. Hiring an experienced and talented magician for your next event should be well within your reach.  Just make sure to seek out a promo reel and reviews. Also, it is always helpful to speak to the magician in person or over the phone.

An experienced magician will be able to adapt to the venue and schedule of the event. Regardless of the type of magic you decide on for your event, the goal is fun, interaction, and total surprise.

Sound like an interesting addition to your next event?

Amory Hermetz performing corporate magic onstage



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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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