Magical Trade Show Giveaways that Work!

Have you just been put in charge of planning your company’s tradeshow? Where do you start? Sure, you’ve attended trade shows so you know what they are and what they do – they bring people in certain industries together to strut their stuff, show off their products, and most importantly, to generate interest, meet new potential clients, and ultimately, rev up business.

Sounds like serious business, and it is. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your booth fun and engaging for potential customers. That’s where a corporate entertainer can make a huge difference by drawing a crowd, forming connections with potential customers, and making warm introductions to your sales team.

Corporate Entertainer Amory Hermetz

Hiring a corporate entertainer

Let’s face it, tradeshow booths can lack variety sometimes . Give your guests something to talk about when they leave your booth.  How will they remember you amidst all the other companies? Imagine crowds gathering around your booth, laughing, applauding, and drawing attention from around the floor.  Tradeshows continue to be one of the best methods to promote your products or services (in person) to customers, other companies, and prospects.

Setting goals is essential. Are you showcasing a service or product? Looking for leads? Or simply attempting to showcase your brand? Maybe all of these things.  Regardless, the more people remember and talk about your company, the more effective your campaign is likely to be. How will visitors to the tradeshow to remember you and your company?

Hiring a corporate entertainer for your next trade show is certainly different and provides something unique and personal – it makes your booth more approachable and knocks down any barriers that may have been there.  It gives people an excuse to approach the booth and learn about your products or services.

Find an entertainer that actively involves passersby. Magic is one of the most popular and effective forms of interactive entertainment because it has a natural hook that people don’t want to look away from.  If you want to take things to another level, the magician could likely involve branded giveaways in the magic.

Perhaps the magician could use a branded deck of cards, poker chips, or business cards.   If you already have effective giveaways that work well for you, the magician will be able to send crowds over to your sales people (after each concise show) to collect them

The purpose of hiring a magician (or any other trade show entertainer) is to make your company stand out from the crowd and stand out in the memories of potential customers. People don’t see a magician every day, and if you find one that fits your company, he or she could be a wise investment.

It takes just a few seconds to catch the attention of attendees passing your booth. How many times have you stood there watching them walk by? An entertainer in front of your booth is an easy way to get them to stop and to break the ice with them.

If you prefer, many magicians can weave your company message into their act.  This, combined with the interactive nature of magic, can be a perfect combination to get your company message into people’s heads.The more you can get people talking about your brand, the more effective your campaign will likely be. A corporate entertainer at your booth has incredible potential to spread the word about your booth around the show floor.  What are you waiting for? Next time you want to attract a crowd, hire a magician – make them remember you!

Corporate Entertainer Amory Hermetz



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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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