Corporate Event Magic Recap!
Building and Earth Conference at Marriott Midtown Atlanta

Amory performing a magic trick

This was a dinner event for Building and Earth employees from around the US.  Building and Earth is a company specializing in geotechnical, environmental, and materials engineering.  Employees traveled from around the country to the Marriott Midtown hotel in Atlanta for multiple days of education, training, and networking with peers.   This particular event was on…

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Live Virtual Entertainment for Your Company Zoom Meeting

Strange times… Times are strange. Many of us are stuck at home, lacking social interaction, and wishing things would go back to normal. Live, in-person events and venues have been cancelled/closed across the board. Companies often rely on live events to keep employees and business partners refreshed and to let them know they are appreciated.…

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Finding the Right Magician for Your Next Event

Amory Hermetz performing magic at a banquet

When you’re looking to find a magician for your next event, just remember that not all magicians are equal in terms of skills and expertise, and every audience is different. Follow a number of tips and strategies to ensure the magician you hire is a perfect fit for your guests and your event. Every magician…

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Plan A Magical Company Retreat

magician at a company retreat

What are you doing for your next company retreat? Retreats are great for relieving stress and promoting camaraderie among your team. Add in some fun activities, good food and drink, and some relaxation time.  Hey, that sounds like a recipe for success! Have you thought about hiring a magician? When it comes to your next…

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Tickle Your Group with a Magician’s Act

stage magician

Do you have a group that needs some entertainment? Whether it’s a business meeting, a seminar, or an annual conference, a stage magician might just be the trick to break the monotony. You have many options regarding magic at your event. For example: Strolling magic where the magician moves through a crowd, performing incredible feats…

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How to Hire a Magician for Your Next Event

Amory Hermetz magician for hire

Looking to liven up your next corporate event or trade show? Is it hard to hire a magician? Nope. Where do you find just the right magician for your next event? No matter what type of event you’re planning – no matter how big or small – follow a few simple tips to ensure that…

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5 Top Tips for Hiring a Magician to Wow Your Audience

Top Tips to Wow Your Audience

You are the head honcho tasked with planning your company’s upcoming corporate event in Nashville, TN…   The date is sneaking up! You’ve booked the venue and taken care of everything from keynote speakers to decorations.   BUT, there is one slot you haven’t filled: the entertainment!   Luckily, this is the fun part.  You’ve searched…

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