Magical Trade Show Giveaways that Work!

Corporate Entertainer Amory Hermetz

Have you just been put in charge of planning your company’s tradeshow? Where do you start? Sure, you’ve attended trade shows so you know what they are and what they do – they bring people in certain industries together to strut their stuff, show off their products, and most importantly, to generate interest, meet new…

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Strolling Magicians Attract Attention for your Next Expo

strolling magician

You’re scheduled and ready for your next Expo, but you want to generate more attention than you got the last time. How do you do that? Why not a strolling magician? There’s nothing that generates curiosity and attention like magic, so take advantage! One of the best things about strolling magicians is the potential for…

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5 Ways Magic Promotes Lead Generation

how to increase lead generation with magic

Think magicians and magic shows are passé? Think again. Corporate magicians, magic acts, and magicians entertaining conference and seminar crowds are more popular than ever. Magic is on the rise, supporting that fact that, yes, we do want to be entertained. One of the more popular reasons for hiring a corporate magician today is to…

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Trade Show Attractions – Boost Sales Numbers with Magic

trade show attraction magician

When it comes to trade show attractions, it’s all about gaining the attention of visitors and getting your message across to your target audience. The venue, size, and location are important but how you promote and market your product or service is often the most crucial element to your company’s success at a trade show.…

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What can a magician do for your trade show

trade show magic tricks

Looking for trade show entertainment to liven up your next corporate event or trade show? Why not hire a magician? There’s nothing many of us enjoy more than watching a magician perform feats of magic that provoke gasps of delight. Magic acts and sleights of hand not only entertain, but also draw crowds. What better…

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Enliven your Trade Shows with Magic Performances

trade show magician

When was last time you were in a trade show and enjoyed a magic performance? Exactly. Trade shows are designed to show off your company’s important products and services. While some are interesting, they’re not particularly entertaining. There’s a difference. So the next time you host a trade show, why not hire a magician to…

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