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Why Hire a Magician for your next Event?

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Why Hire a Magician for your next Event?

event entertainment with a magician

Why hire a magician for your next event? To make a memorable impact. Large or small, event planning canoften go awry. Entertainment falls flat, or your guests don’t have anything at all to break up the monotony. When it comes to events – no matter whether it’s for a premiere, a product launch, a wedding…

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Magic Shows for Corporate Events

show magician Amory Hermetz

Seriously? Book a magic show for a corporate event? You bet. It’s not just about magic. It’s about entertainment. What better way to capture the attention of your audience? A chance to break up the presentations and slide shows? Even better, putting on a magic show for your event is a guaranteed way to get…

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How to Book or Hire a Magician for your Next Corporate Event

Amory Hermetz magician for hire

Booking or hiring a magician for your next corporate event isn’t difficult, but it does require careful consideration. The booking process is designed to remove ambiguity and to ensure that the client (and magician) knows what to expect in advance. That way, your event goes off without a hitch. The hiring process Before you book…

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What can a magician do for your trade show

trade show magic tricks

Looking for trade show entertainment to liven up your next corporate event or trade show? Why not hire a magician? There’s nothing many of us enjoy more than watching a magician perform feats of magic that provoke gasps of delight. Magic acts and sleights of hand not only entertain, but also draw crowds. What better…

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Magic Shows Aren’t Just for Kids

magic shows

Looking for something different to engage the audience at your next trade show? Why not consider a magician? Magic shows aren’t just for kids anymore. Your goal at a tradeshow is to attract attention, to generate leads, and to encourage attendees to visit your booth. What better way to do that than with a magician?…

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How to Make Your Next Conference Magical and Memorable

magic performance

How will you make your next conference a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests? Breaking the monotony with an entertainment act could be the perfect solution. Make no mistake, there are a lot of elements that come into play when planning a successful convention.  If the hotel isn’t up to par, or if the…

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What is a Corporate Magician?

Amory Hermetz corporate magician

When you hire a professional and experienced magician to perform at your corporate event, you can expect your guests to talk about this night for weeks to come. A magician can be the perfect cherry on top to highlight the night and make it memorable for your guests. What exactly does a corporate magician do?…

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Enliven your Trade Shows with Magic Performances

trade show magician

When was last time you were in a trade show and enjoyed a magic performance? Exactly. Trade shows are designed to show off your company’s important products and services. While some are interesting, they’re not particularly entertaining. There’s a difference. So the next time you host a trade show, why not hire a magician to…

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5 Top Tips for Hiring a Magician to Wow Your Audience

Top Tips to Wow Your Audience

You are the head honcho tasked with planning your company’s upcoming corporate event in Nashville, TN…   The date is sneaking up! You’ve booked the venue and taken care of everything from keynote speakers to decorations.   BUT, there is one slot you haven’t filled: the entertainment!   Luckily, this is the fun part.  You’ve searched…

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