Corporate Event Magic Recap!
Building and Earth Conference at Marriott Midtown Atlanta

Amory performing a magic trick

This was a dinner event for Building and Earth employees from around the US.  Building and Earth is a company specializing in geotechnical, environmental, and materials engineering.  Employees traveled from around the country to the Marriott Midtown hotel in Atlanta for multiple days of education, training, and networking with peers.   This particular event was on…

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Live Virtual Entertainment for Your Company Zoom Meeting

Strange times… Times are strange. Many of us are stuck at home, lacking social interaction, and wishing things would go back to normal. Live, in-person events and venues have been cancelled/closed across the board. Companies often rely on live events to keep employees and business partners refreshed and to let them know they are appreciated.…

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Magical Fundraising Event Ideas

magic show fundraiser card trick

When planning a fundraiser, consider the crowd who will be attending.  For large fundraisers intended to raise large sums of funds for a cause, you should focus on producing a high quality experience for your guests.  From the venue to the food to the entertainment, giving your guests an incredible experience will put them a…

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Liven Up Your Next Board Meeting with a Magic Show

sales meeting entertainment with magcic

You’re in charge of organizing your next board meeting.  Keeping things interesting might be a challenge, but it is very important.  People have certain expectations for company meetings, and there is a lot of value in exceeding their expectations with something different and fun. Adding a bit of show business to your business meeting might…

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Think Magic for your next Seminar

magician speaker

When you hear the word “seminar”, you may think speakers, discussions, and hours-long training sessions.  Often times, a little texture is necessary to keep things interesting for your attendees. There are many entertainment options out there.  One you may consider is a magician speaker. A magician speaker might take the theme of your seminar and…

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Hire Magic Entertainment for Your Next Business Dinner

hiring a magician business entertainment

You’re the host for your company’s upcoming business dinner and you’re in charge of booking the entertainment. It’s often difficult to find ways to break the ice and get guests to feel comfortable socializing with one another.  This is one circumstance where a close-up magician will thrive. Why not consider hiring a magician for your…

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Finding the Right Magician for Your Next Event

Amory Hermetz performing magic at a banquet

When you’re looking to find a magician for your next event, just remember that not all magicians are equal in terms of skills and expertise, and every audience is different. Follow a number of tips and strategies to ensure the magician you hire is a perfect fit for your guests and your event. Every magician…

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Corporate Event Planners Love Magicians

corporate event entertainer

When planning or hosting a corporate event, entertainment is essential to making your event stand out to your guests. Interactive entertainment breaks the ice and encourages active participation amongst attendees. Hiring a corporate event entertainer – maybe a magician – is an excellent solution to relax any tensions in your group and blow their expectations…

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