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Austin magician Amory specializes in performing for discerning corporate audiences.  Whether you are looking for strolling/mingling magic during a reception or a show on stage after dinner, Amory performs interactive magic that will leave your guests raving.  A major strength of magic is its ability to create lasting memories.  Guests will often rave about amazing illusions they’ve witnessed weeks, months, or even years later!


Strolling/Mingling Magic

Strolling magic is perfect during a cocktail hour or reception to break the ice as guests mingle amongst themselves.  It lets guests know they’re there to have fun and connect with one another.  And if their borrowed quarter bends in their own hand or their chosen card appears under the glass they were JUST drinking out of… well that’s all part of the fun!

Collage of Atlanta Magician Amory Hermetz performing.

Magic provides an interactive and personal element to events that is difficult to get in any other way.  How many other forms of entertainment give you the opportunity to interact with and participate directly in the performance?  Not to mention having incredible illusions performed right in your hands or with YOUR borrowed objects!

Imagine this… you’re walking through the venue, and suddenly you hear belts of laughter and gasps of astonishment from across the room.  You look over to see guests with smiles and dropped jaws across their faces.  The ability of magic to break the ice and build excitement at an event is second to none.  If you’re searching for an Austin magician, you may already be well aware of the impact magic can have on your event.

Many events tend to fall along the same lines.  …Guests arrive, grab a drink, and wait to be seated for dinner.  Everyone enjoys dinner, there may be some presentations from stage, and then everyone goes home.  This sounds like an enjoyable evening, right?  But will they remember it?  Will it stand out in their minds?  Strong magic, whether performed close-up or on stage, is a perfect solution that can add an indelible spark to any corporate event.

Austin magician Amory performs at corporate events across the United States for Fortune 500 companies.  This includes awards banquets, networking mixers, VIP events, retreats, trade shows, and client/employee appreciation events.  His goal is always to leave guests with an unforgettable experience, one they will tell stories about years later to their friends.

Stage Show

A stage show is a perfect way to get the entire crowd involved at once, whether you are looking for an engaging performance for your group after dinner …or a performance in-between speakers at your conference to give attendees a “brain break.” Guests will be asked to borrow objects, make decisions, and even participate in the magic on stage!  Watching magic from a distance is one thing, but when guests are asked to participate and make choices that no one could have known, it takes the magic to an entirely new level in their minds. 

Collage of Atlanta Magician Amory Hermetz

If you’re looking for an Austin magician for your corporate event, Amory may have a few tricks up his sleeve to keep your guests engaged, entertained, and raving for more!


INSANE! That’s the one word I hear the most when asking our guests about Amory. We have had the pleasure of Amory’s magic for both a private setting of 20 and a corporate party of 800. Both were incredible. You will not be disappointed!

JJ Light

Dell Technologies

Amory dazzled our attendees, and did so without taking up staff time or thought. I’m pretty sure that a few of our members walked away thinking that he had ACTUAL magical powers.

Amanda Riordan

American Ambulance Association

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