Amory Hermetz

Hi! I'm Amory.

For me, being a magician is all about delighting YOU and your audience...

...the astonishment, their laughter, the exclamations of, "No way! How did he do that?!" - and the congratulations you get for booking an amazing show - that’s what motivates me to provide the most exceptional experience for your guests.

As I like to say, magic is my only skillset... haha, but it's one that brings me to amazing events around the world.  The motivation I get from the pursuit of perfection in the art of magic transcends any other interest I have had in life.

Magic and traveling largely consume my life.  These are the two things that inspire me more than any others, and I am privileged to be able to do them together.

At the end of the day, the quality of the service I offer is of utmost importance to me.  This is what my reputation relies on, and I want to communicate this to every client through an unforgettable experience!