5 Ways Magic Promotes Lead Generation

Think magicians and magic shows are passé? Think again. Corporate magicians, magic acts, and magicians entertaining conference and seminar crowds are more popular than ever. Magic is on the rise, supporting that fact that, yes, we do want to be entertained.

One of the more popular reasons for hiring a corporate magician today is to promote lead generation at your trade show. How do you increase lead generation with a magic act? The first step is all about attracting attention and garnering curiosity. What better way to do that than with magic?

Today’s magicians know how to increase lead generation for businesses

The need to attract attention among fiercely competitive businesses, products, and service providers has grown exponentially. To make your trade show booth stand out among a sea of others can be a daunting task.  There is a strong need to provide your ‘target’ audience with something different and interesting to draw them to your booth.

At your upcoming trade shows, you should have a game plan for how to increase lead generation, and your team should be well informed on how to implement it.  One way is to keep your audience engaged at your booth, supporting interaction between potential buyers and your sales team. Magic can be a very effective solution to break the ice with potential customers and form a connection that they will remember.

The purpose of lead generation is to not only stimulate, but capture interest in a service or product that develops or increases a sales pipeline. It’s about reaching potential customers, clients, or consumers. Here are several ways magic can benefit your sales efforts.

Five ways magic promotes lead generation

Whether you’re at a conference, a product launch, a tradeshow, or you’re a small, local business hoping to attract attention, magic often does the trick. Why?

#1: Magic attracts attention. Who can resist a good magic trick, whether it’s sleight-of-hand, disappearing objects, card tricks, or a magical variety act? Getting the attendees at a trade show to pay attention to your booth is essential when it comes to lead generation, boosting sales, and of course, generating interest in your company, product, or service.

#2: Magic can generate curiosity and communication between potential customers and your sales team.  In addition to drawing people in, magic can break the ice with potential customers and form a connection between them and your sales team.  Often times, the magician will perform a short set for a crowd before introducing the crowd to the sales team. If your team has giveaways, this is the perfect time to hand them out to everyone in the crowd.

#3: Magic lightens the mood, reducing risk of ‘over-selling’ a product or service that turns a potential customer or client away. Magic shows and effects have the ability to break down social barriers by showing people something impossible and getting them laughing and having fun.   Creating an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere is one of the best ways to build trust with potential customers.

#4: Magic can serve as a vehicle to communicate important points about your products or services.  Have a couple key points that you want to hammer home to people? A magician should be able to incorporate these points into his act seamlessly, in a way potential customers will remember.

#5: Hiring entertainment at any venue makes your company stand out to attendees and potential customers. Curiosity builds as one or two, and then more people stop at your booth where a magician is performing his or her act. That curiosity also prompts additional interest from those who stop to see what’s happening.  Eventually, you have a crowd of curious people surrounding your booth.

A trade show magician knows that their work is about representing the company and forming strong connections with passersby.  Capture their interest and form a connection. This is a formula for success. If you want to know how to increase lead generation for your business, contact a magician. We might have a few tricks up our sleeve.

how to increase lead generation with magic



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Amory Hermetz

Amory Hermetz

Amory is a professional magician who tours the country performing at corporate events. He specializes in close-up and stage illusions for conferences, awards banquets, client/employee appreciation events, and corporate retreats.

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